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Data is the need of the hour...

Construction companies juggle with dozens of projects simultaneously and receive information in the form of sales pitches to their inboxes. When the firm is in priority mode it has a little time to think about integrating technologies could benefit the organization. We can escape from priority mode by setting warning alert on performance. The main goal of this approach is to attend problems before it’s too late. Priority mode is the norm at many construction firms, Deterioration in schedules,

costs, quality and safety will have a strong repercussion to all. For time being imagine your company is hired to build a new 3 BHK house. Having assured the customer that the building will be ready for occupancy by start of ugadi, you realize too late that the project is worryingly

behind schedule. While the customer is thrilled by an unplanned extension, the firm cannot afford damages of completing the house two months late. With the deadline, Engineers, superintendent pressure the crews to get the job done; now workers start making mistakes that hinders job quality and trigger further delays. As a result profit declines and quality deteriorates. It’s possible to use analytics to receive warnings about deteriorating issues. This gives more time to put projects back on track. For example, using modern analytics, we can set up an alert that is triggered whenever a job starts to move toward running over budget. Cloud based platforms with mobile capabilities allow flow of data into an analytics engine to get new insights, collecting data is easier than ever, it make a critical difference and provide an analytical benchmark to another project. It benefits contractors on daily basis. Requests for Information RFI will be useful at every construction site, the supervisor finds a kitchen where the puja room should be confused she submits at RFI. The pre stored RFIs data from other projects can be used to set new initiation for this project. On contrary if a

project has too few RFIs this suggests that crews aren’t asking related questions. Moving forward, if contractors continue to see data volumes rise in each projects there will be no zeroing in delay and take full advantage the data.

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